Candy Crush Saga Hints & Tips - Level 340

My score: 134,120

Number of stars: 3


Type of Level: Jelly | Target Score: ?

Number of stars: 3

Candy Crush Saga level 340

Candy Crush Saga
level 340

What you need to do is:

  1. Make striped + wrapped candy combos on either side of the board (make as many as you can - this is the most effective thing on this level)
  2. Don’t detonate the centre column of striped candies until either:
  3. You only have 5 moves left (The dispenser will happily create an endless supply of 5 move bombs)
  4. OR - You have only single hit jelly left on the board (i.e. no double jelly). The striped candies will take out all the remaining jelly for you. Nice!

If you have any further tips, or have any questions about this level, please leave a comment below!

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