about me


I'm a web developer from Dunedin, New Zealand

I develop stuff. For the web.

I'm currently freelancing full-time, having previously worked for my dear mother's law firm, a couple of supermarkets and as a junk mail delivery boy.

I mostly do PHP, javascript/jQuery and HTML & CSS; but also a bit of Python, VBA, AutoIt, and a teeny little bit of Ruby (this is a Jekyll website, after all).

I graduated from Otago University, the finest university in all of Otago*, in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Zoology, and then again in 2009 with another Bachelor's, in Computer Science**.

If the above hasn't put you off, I'm usually open to interesting job opportunities. My CV is available upon request.



*the only university in all of Otago.

**people used to tell me this was an unusual combination of disciplines to study, and I used to respond with "Well, there's always modelling.." to which they would usually respond with something like "Umm.. You're not that good looking".

I was of course referring to the modelling of animal data.


If you're interested - this website was created with the help of Jekyll (using a modified Flex theme) and Github Pages.

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