I’m currently migrating my site from WordPress Jekyll back to Jekyll WordPress.

Funnily enough, the below content (which I never removed from the homepage after migrating to Jekyll) still applies…

See here for why I’m jumping CMS ships again.

And to be honest, I actually feared this might happen from the start. When I originally moved to Jekyll from WordPress, I looked up a few sites that provided information about having done the same thing. This was only about 18 months ago, but there wasn’t a huge amount of information on the process. While Googling, I came across one blogger who had gone from WordPress to Jekyll and back to WordPress again. His reasons for doing so were similar to my apprehensions about leaving WordPress (lack of server side stuff, basically) and upon reading it I think I knew, in my heart of hearts, that I’d also come crawling back to WordPress someday.

Long story short, that day has arrived.

The reason for this post, other than to explain the inevitable change in the look and behaviour of my site, is because it seems there is now plenty of (read: WAY more than enough, IMO) information out there explaining how to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll, but not the other way around. There are a few people who, like me, have become disillusioned with static site-ville and provided information on how they performed the migration. I am indebted to these people: http://davidlynch.org/blog/2016/01/migrating-from-jekyll-to-wordpress/, https://github.com/trickvi/jekyll-to-wordpress, and some others.

Given that I’m using an entirely different theme, and that it will take some time to move all my pages over, the transition is likely to be far from seamless, and may result in a confusing user experience for you.

I apologise.

However, I am sure my new site will be better and easier to administer, and I will hopefully update it more frequently as a result.

I’ll do my best to make sure all the current content stays accessible while I undertake the migration. If you can’t find anything that you really want, please either try the wayback machine or let me know.
Also, I made the ‘all pages’ page and the search bar to aid any lost users.

If anything is incorrect, or you’d like me to add or remove something, please contact me. I try to respond to all legit looking emails.



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