Candy Crush Saga Hints & Tips - Level 208

My score: 77,940

Number of Stars: 2


Type of Level: Candy Order | Target Score: 15,000

Candy Crush Saga level 208

Candy Crush Saga
level 208

What you need to do is:

  1. I recommend getting the trapped chocolate bomb free (use a vertically striped candy or a striped + wrapped candy. A horizontally striped candy will do it too, but I reckon this is more difficult because it has to be set off at the top of the board.)
  2. (Note that using the striped + wrapped combo option to free the chocolate bomb means you have to make at least one more of each of those to complete the level, as a striped + wrapped special candy is not required on this level.)
  3. Anyway, the reason I like freeing the choco bomb is because this slightly increases your chances of making the other combos, as there will be more candy on the board because the middle column will fill up with candies also.
  4. Try to make the chocolate bomb + wrapped candy combo first, as this destroys all of one coloured candy, then all of another colour - thus greatly increasing your chances of making another chocolate bomb in your next few moves!

If you have any further tips, or have any questions about this level, please leave a comment below!

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