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I just coded a wee AutoIt bot for JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run on Facebook. You can probably imagine what it does (or at least, is supposed to do) – it presses the space bar when the little guy reaches the edge of each platform.

It doesn’t work particularly well on my laptop though, probably ‘cos my computer is about six years old (which I think is approximately 78 in computer years) and pretty slow by today’s standards. So even simple games like dockyard run are kinda jerky, and if I increase the process priority of either my browser or the bot, it freezes for a while and loses the game. The best I’ve managed to do with the bot is just over 22,000 points. I can do better than that myself without much effort, so I guess the bot isn’t really working for me. Hopefully it’ll perform better for you.

If your computer is any better than mine, it probably should work. If the guy jumps too soon or too late, it may require a little modification to the $x value. Just try a few different values and see how it goes.

So anyway, it works like this:
After you start the bot and click the ‘OK’ button, the mouse pointer will move to the ‘x’ coordinate on the screen where the bot then tests for the gap between the platforms. Ideally it should be about a centimetre or so in front of and below the little running guy. See where the mouse pointer is in relation to the man in the screenshot example below.

Screenshot of JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run bot
If that’s not how it looks to you, move the window so that’s about where the mouse pointer ends up.

Anyway.. download the bot (.exe)
or the AutoIt code (.au3)

Any questions/comments, please let me know!


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4 Responses to “JumpIt 2: Dockyard Run bot”

  1. sam says:

    please help me……….it’s not working for me….:(

    • mikey says:

      Ok, yeah to be honest that doesn’t really surprise me much.. Unfortunately both of my computers broke a couple of weeks ago and my new one hasn’t arrived yet. If you’re interested, once I get my new computer, I’ll update the bot and release a new version shortly. Let me know.


  2. Harry says:

    hey please update it
    its not working

    • mikey says:

      Yeah I know, sorry I’ve been really lazy and still haven’t fixed it yet. I gave it a go the other day but couldn’t figure it out – I will hopefully try again and be more successful in the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks for your comment


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