A Smart Pointer program written in C++

By Gareth Wood and Mike Beck

..ok so Gareth pretty much wrote this all by himself.
I still owe him big time for all the work he put into it. Thanks man.

This was written a few years ago as part of the assessment for COSC326, a computer science paper at Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand.

To be honest I can hardly remember what this program even does, as I've lost the original assignment sheet. Not that I had much idea when we were working on it either, mind you.
I think it takes an object and does something with it...
Yeah. Unfortunately I can't provide any more information than that. If you know C++ you might like to compile the source and have a go at doing stuff with it or whatever.
I find it highly unlikely that this will serve any useful purpose to anyone but you just never know.

If the below diagram means nothing to you, I suggest you stay away. Go check out my raytracer or this page instead.

SmartPointer Class Diagram

If that hasn't scared you off yet, get the source here - C++ SmartPointer Source Code

You can find out what the program does by checking out the first part of the assignment, which was a write up of what we were going to make (a smartpointer program) and how we would implement it. Smart Pointer writeup (.doc)