Batch script to restart Microsoft Exchange Services

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Well, the title says it all really. The batch script shown below just restarts Microsoft Exchange Services every time it is run.

Our server at work suddenly kept failing daily to retrieve messages from Outlook via Microsoft Exchange, and the only solution I could find to the problem was to restart the MSXExchangeIS service every time, so I set this script to run on the server at about 4am every day. This fixed the issue.

So.. problem solved I guess, but this is more a case of treating the symptom rather than the cause. The problem there is I have no idea what the cause is! Oh well, as long as things are apparently working all right there’s no need to complain.

Here’s the batch script:



@echo off
REM - File: MSXrestart.bat
REM - Description: Restarts MSEXchange services
echo Restarting MSX...
echo ======================================================
net stop "MSExchangeIS"
net start "MSExchangeIS"
echo ======================================================
echo MsX Restarted


Just save that as a file with a .bat extension, and it’ll restart MSExchange Services every time you run it. Easy as.


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