Looking for Microsoft Office 2010 installation help, Microsoft Word Printing Macros, Candy Crush Saga help, Swap the Box solutions, Paperama solutions (Tani, Yama, Jabara & Shizume level packs), or Hacking Scripts?

Or… a Google Inbox invitation?

There isn’t much here yet but I plan to put up various things I worked on while at university.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find everything – there are a few things that just seem to have disappeared, such as a simple Python script that solves the Fox Chicken Grain river crossing puzzle.

On the right you’ll find links to a Monty Hall Paradox simulator, a 3D model of a pair of scissors I made using Blender, a triangle-mesh raytracer, and various hack scripts that were anonymously ‘donated’ to mikeybeck.com.

Hopefully soon I’ll upload stuff such as the code for a line-following Lego NXT robot*, a whole bunch of small java programs**, and a number of short Python scripts, which will hopefully be of some use to someone. I’m also working on an .htaccess file generator* and a couple of other things.

Everything on this site is open source, so if the source code is not supplied, please just ask me and I’ll be happy to supply it.

John Bollen is pretty cool guy.


* – Done. Check the links on the right.

** – I’ve managed to put up 2 so far, there’s plenty more to come..

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  1. Jvic says:

    hey Mikey? I don’t think your contact form web page is working right… Otherwise my First name and Last name might really be invalid :L

    • mikey says:

      Oops sorry it doesn’t accept input if it’s capitalised! I knew about this already but forgot to fix it. Will do so soon; thanks for notifying me!

  2. netspyder says:

    hey buddy.

    i was wondering, if you have the script for candy crush?

    like i want to make a game with the same principles but a totally different environment. i have many ideas in mind which i want to make in the app.
    kindly get in touch please. thanks

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